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We're quick! We can generally return an audio or video transcription of under 90 minutes within a single day.

We transcribe all kinds of things: general business, conference calls, dictation notes, business meetings, focus groups, medical transcriptions, doctor dictation, medical records, keynote address, insurance, interviews, market research, secretarial, video conference, voice mail, webcasts, webinars, media industry, interviews, subtitles, closed captions, closed captioning, post production, reality TV, podcasts, video captions, legal services, depositions, dictation, hearings, insurance claims, investigative, verbatim, wiretaps, court proceedings, legal depositions, academic, non-profit, doctoral dissertations, thesis notes, dissertation, lectures, speeches, student notes, radio shows, grants, seminars, sermons, research, oral history, etc...

We accept the following filetypes: WAV, MP3, MP4, WMA, DSS, DVD, DVF, MSV, AIFF, AIF, Webex, Quicktime, MOV, AVI, MP2, MP4, WMV, AMR, CAF, plus more!